Why MyToddlerLink?

Streaming Video

MyToddlerLink is dedicated to keeping parents connected to their child's daycare center by way of streaming Internet video. We give parents the opportunity to view their children anytime throughout the day, regardless of where the parents are, as long as they have Internet access. Whether at home, at the office, or even located in another country, parents can log-on to our site and check in on their children. Our system is also a great administrative tool for the Owners and Directors. It enables the Owner and/or Director to be able to view their center while on vacation or while attending a conference.

Ease of Use

MyToddlerLink utilizes a Java-based environment, that requires the user’s computer to simply have an internet connection, and Java installed. Java is available free-of-charge from http://www.java.com. Java has been an industry standard for years, unlike the non-standard, proprietary controls used by our competitors. Java applets are also considered safe and secure by most IT professionals, and therefore never blocked, unlike ActiveX controls used by some of our competitors.

Bandwidth Flexibility

The MyToddlerLink camera servers are designed to do one thing, and they do it very well -- STREAM LIVE VIDEO. Our servers can be configured to accommodate any broadband connection, from 128kbps ISDN line all the way to a full T1. By utilizing multiple, dedicated camera servers, we can balance the user load across multiple machines, which means that neither the server hardware, nor the internet connection, experiences a bottleneck.

Optimal Image Size/Resolution

We are also able to individually configure the displayed image size and resolution for each camera, as well as adjust the overall compression ratio. This means each installation can be individually adjusted and configured for the optimal balance between performance and quality, given the broadband service available.

Multiple Dedicated Hardware

As stated, MyToddlerLink utilizes multiple stand-alone camera servers for our clients. The servers are entirely solid-state devices, meaning there are no moving parts (such as hard disk drives) which can fail due to heat or friction. By utilizing multiple devices, we eliminate the single point of failure situations that our competitors experience. The old adage of "don't put all your eggs in one basket" very aptly describes our logic. If (however unlikely) one of the camera servers fails, it only affects those rooms connected to it, unlike the single server model where a hardware failure brings down 100% of your cameras. And should we need to replace or repair one of the servers, it can be quickly and easily detached from the system, to be sent in for repair or replacement. Each device is about the size of a hardback book, but weighs much less!


As the MyToddlerLink servers are not standard computers, they have none of the same security risks. Our competitors essentially market DVR computers, which all use some form of an operating system (either Windows or Linux). As such, they are inherently susceptible to all the problems any PC has: hard drive failure, Operating System crash, viruses, or even hacking. MyToddlerLink's equipment, however, does not have any of those inherent flaws. Our servers use a completely stripped version of Linux that is designed to do nothing more than run Java applets. For those customers wishing to record the camera streams, we have dedicated software that may be installed onto an existing computer in your facility. So, unlike having a separate DVR that you must keep up-to-date, patched, and secured, your DVR software will run on the existing computer that has already been secured by Windows Update, your Anti-Virus software, and your Internet Security software!

Customer Service

Our purpose is to provide a high-quality, state-of-the-art system of streaming video. By design we provide no other business services, so that we can focus on our core business. We pride ourselves on knowing each and every customer. Read for your self some comments from our satisfied customers:

“Over 50% of people coming in [to our center] have heard that we have Internet web viewing.”
– Owner, client for 3 years

“New parents who have to leave their child for the first time find a comfort in knowing that we are secure in what we do to be online all day and that they can look in at anytime.”
– Director, client for 3.5 years

“The MyToddlerLink system provides our center with an ‘open’ image, plus it’s a good monitoring tool for the supervisors.”
– Director/Owner, client for 1.5 years

“Sometimes potential parents come because they are referred by another satisfied parent…when it’s a close decision between a competitor the web cameras are the deciding factor in choosing our center.”
– Director, client for 2.5 years

“Although parents don’t always pay for the service, they are often just glad to know it exists. It proves to them that we have nothing to hide while their child is in our center.”
– Owner/Director, client for 2 years.